Sunday, October 26, 2014

Living on the Hook

So life had gotten into somewhat of a routine, despite my cold. Well at least for Steve. He has stayed busy with the projects on his list. He has made lee clothes for the pantry shelves and for the hanging locker that isnt a hanging locker any more. He has made wooden hearts for all the cabinets in the Vbirth to keep them closed while under way. He had sanded and cleaned the teak on deck. To say the least he has been a busy guy. 

He goes ashore in the dinghy for water and to take the trash out every other day. 

Im still the cook. I have managed to cook us something to eat at least once a day even with my cold. Lol. I know I need to butch up and put my big girl panties on. Lol

Lets see what else?  Oh well we met fellow cruisers or liveaboards for pizza night. That was fun.  One couple had a huge white dog named Yetti. I wish I had gotten a picture of him checking out Fairlane. 

This week has been pretty uneventful due to the weather mostly. We are hoping to venture out more this next week. 

Oh almost forgot, I did manage to make my bf a hat that she requested. The fun part will be sending it to her. Hahah

Thats all for now. Smooches!


  1. hope this works, enjoy. J

  2. Hope you are feeling better, holler if y'all need something,Tassie