Saturday, October 18, 2014

Checking into Isla Mujeres

Someone put this on my Facebook and I felt it was something worth sharing. There is so much on the internet that makes people fear coming here to Mexico, which is rediculas. I hope it helps

When checking in at Isla Mujeres and use Julio at El Milagro marina. They charge $50 US for the agent fee, but it is worth it. You then have a "friend" in Mexico who is in bed with the govt officials. They hug each other and are good friends. You need: 1) a Zarpe - the form CBP 1300 from Homeland Security on the 5th floor of the Galveston Post office building. Fill it out and Homeland Security will help fill it out if needed, and  stamp it. You can download the form off the net in pdf form. 2.) a crew list in spanish & english (download from which is a great site). 3.) boat papers (documentation - current). 4.) passports     What you don't need: 1.) fishing license - unless you are a fishing boat private or commercial. As a sailboat you never need this according to Julio. 2.) TIP (Temporary Import Permit) - it lasts 10 years, and you only need if staying more than 2 weeks. It costs about $53 US. Julio will copy all the paperwork you need to take with you on the ferry to the Port Captain in Cancun.      In my opinion checking in in Isla Mujeres using an agent is the way to go.   You can checkin easily w/o an agent, but it is $50 well spent if you ask me.       I think there is close to zero risk of getting crosswise with the govmt if using these agents at Isla Mujeres, and making sure you do your homework well on the 4 items you need to bring.    

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  1. It was nice meeting you at Mango Café last week. Hope you're having a wonderful time.
    Bob and Suzanne Robertson
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