Monday, September 29, 2014

Stocking Up

Spent the day with my fellow Boat Divas which magically turned into Elves at Costco. I love it when a friend has a hook up, like a costco membership. 

I left here with my list of items I scoped out on a previous trip. I had a plan and I had my game face on. Thank goodness my Elves where there to bring me back to reality and make me go down each isle, picking on me and cracking jokes each step of the way. It really helped with the anxiety that was building. 

By cash out time the baskets looked like this 

Can you guess the grand total? 

Only $124 of it didn't belong to me. I think we will be fine for the trip down. At least when it concerns food. 

Three dock carts later and the girls pushing me to give them more items to divid out and put in ziplocks, most of it was all stowed away, somewhere. I might need to make a map to remind me of where it is but its on the boat. 

Tomorrow will be another fun filled day of more running around preparing to leave on Wednesday. Fun fun fun

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