Thursday, March 20, 2014

Not such good news

Our baby, Fairlane, is in terrible shape. She has always been our little sensitive special needs princess but as of this past Monday it has taken a turn for the worse. She woke up to pain in her neck then she couldnt stand. She has been to the vets and now overnight at a speciality clinic. It looks as if she has hydrocephalus which is a genic disoder where fluid builds up in her brain and possibly her spinal cord. This would explain her issues all these years. 

Needless to say the outcome of this information isnt good. If all this is accurate, which we will know in the next 24 hours, we will have to see how she response to medication which is a slim chance but possible. If not we will have to let her go to be a princess in heaven and my mother will get her baby back. As my daughter reminded me yesterday, that my mother didnt want to give her up anyways. 

Steve and I are so grateful to have her these past years. Hopefully she will get to join us on our great travels as she has been a great traveling companion. 

Keep us all in your prayers and we will keep everyone updated 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Checking things off the list

As time draws near we have been busy completing items on our list.  Even the things we really didn't want to, that one was going to get my plumbing checked out. I have a strong family history of heart disease. Both of my parents died in their early sixties from heart disease.  Other family members have had heart attacks and bypass surgeries.  So I made myself go through the necessary test to check out things to prevent any major health issue later.

After a nuclear stress test, a panic trip to the ER from major stress and a heart cath test, I am relieved to announce that all is well. Steve says this means I no longer have an excuse for napping all the time. I argued that I am still the Boat Diva and can do as I please. Ha!

While all the medical tests taking place, Steve has been busy installing our navigation equipment. Our VHF radio, Eperp, depth meter and DC power outlet has all been installed. All our DC fans have been installed. Oh as well as out wifi equipment.  Next on our list is the AIS, one more anchor and a new stove.  Stove should go in while I'm away visiting a friend in a few weeks.

As the weather is turning pleasant we should start taking our shake down trips. Time to go break a few things.  Fun fun.